It has been a while…

An update

We have been busy completing PhDs and our jobs, but always in the background we have been working on this podcast available to eager followers. We appreciate everyone’s patience! Now onto the good news:

Current state of the podcast

We have new guests that we have all announced on our Twitter account and the themes of the episodes have changed slightly since the conception of the podcast, they are now:

  • Episodes with earth scientists talking about their research and academic journeys
  • Episodes with researchers from other disciplines about decolonising their subject or other academic topics.

Season 1 is a trial run of this format, we have 6 episodes – 3 are of earth scientists talking about their research, 2 are of researchers talking about decolonisation and 1 is on another academic topic. These have all been recorded, half have been edited and ready, 1 has a transcript and the other 2 will be fully transcribed in due course. The podcast has now been submitted to a podcast hosting directory, it will take some time for it to appear with the first episode on the various podcasting apps. So essentially, we are almost there!

What next?

We will be testing out how quickly the directory will make available the first episode, and a separate post will be of the transcript and biography of the first guest (this will remain in drafts until the episode is ready). So keep an eye out! We would really appreciate feedback on the episodes, one thing already flagged that we will be improving on in season 2 is the voice quality of co-host Jazmin, but anything else, please let us know.

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